eWorks LMS

eLearning has fast emerged as a popular strategy for leveraging learning across various industries, including the education, healthcare, for purpose organisations, hospitality, and sports.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have become the preferred tool of successful organisations wanting to administer courses, training, employee onboarding and certifications in an engaging and effective way.

Here at eWorks, we understand pricing is a major consideration in most LMS procurement processes.

Every business and brand has its unique requirements. Therefore, the eWorks LMS has a pricing solution for your business.

As an organisation, it is essential to understand what goals you want to achieve through an LMS. This is where eWorks can work alongside you to help you determine these goals and how to customise your LMS to best meet your specific needs.

Of equal importance is the need to identify and understand the different LMS pricing models offered.

Our team is always willing to talk to you about LMS solutions to suit any budget. We can help you establish a content package that will meet your needs while incorporating the best LMS features.

Contact us today to learn more about the different LMS pricing models. We can provide you with costs (and will be upfront about any additional fees). From here, we can tailor a proposal/pricing strategy that best fits your budget.

Considerations for LMS Pricing


Customer support is important when choosing your LMS pricing structure. First and foremost, evaluate the type of support the LMS solution offers. 

Some may only provide self-serve support options, while others might include an entire support team or a designated support contact.


Many organisations look to sell courses through their LMS. These generally include associations, franchises, training companies, etc. If this sounds like your organisation, you should explore LMS platforms offering e-commerce functionality. 

Features could include multiple payment gateways, various currencies, the ability to sell courses in bulk, pricing options, a brandable interface, coupons, user self-enrollment, and more.

Extended Functionality

Many organisations require an LMS that provides more than just the basics. Perhaps your business would like to incorporate BI (business intelligence), gamified and interactive learning options, or social learning features. 

If this is the case, opt for an LMS platform that offers advanced features to complement your learning program while meeting your short and long-term goals.

Course Authoring

Does your organisation have highly specific training? Or would you like to personalise your courses? Then you should consider an LMS that offers built-in course-authoring and/or custom course development services. 

It’s time to think beyond the off-the-shelf course options and develop custom content tailored to meet specific needs.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Your LMS’s robust analytics and reporting functionality will give you a deeper insight into your course performance, training data and learner progress. These reporting and analytics features can help you make more informed decisions, prove your learning program ROI, align business initiatives with your training, and consequently derive better business outcomes.


Given that mobile learning is a vital part of a learning program, you should consider an LMS provider offering a mobile learning application.

Thanks to the evolving hybrid work model that sees learners working remotely, mobile flexibility has become the need of the hour. Investing in mobile learning is a key criterion when you consider pricing.


Pay close attention to the turnkey integrations offered by your LMS. Identify if there are easy pre-built options for your critical everyday work platforms. Integrating your essential apps and software with your LMS is a must-have feature.


For Australian organisations, having your LMS hosted locally in Australia should also be taken into account.

Developing an LMS solution for your business will provide a rewarding outcome. Aligning yourself with the right team can go a long way in navigating the process.

eWorks promises to be your trusted partner throughout your LMS journey. Contact us to find out more on how our LMS can cater to your business needs.