Our eLearning
Development Expertise

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eWorks expertise: all the ingredients

The eWorks team is made up of a vast array of people with expertise in a diverse range of disciplines.

For the ultimate eLearning outcome, these people and disciplines include:

  • Solutions leads
  • Project managers
  • VET industries and training experts
  • Course designers
  • eLearning program developers
  • Content developers
  • Courseware leads
  • Quality assurance and compliance specialists
  • Instructional design experts
  • VR and XR (Extended Reality) capabilities
  • Service delivery managers and officers
  • LMS customer support functions
  • Systems analysis
  • Web development
eWorks Designing the right solution for you one male seated completing online modules

Designing the right solution for you

From developing eLearning programs, through to training and supporting your learning team, we create programs that really work. Our team combines knowledge of the education sector and private industry with the latest learning insights and technology to design the right solution for you.

eWorks Maximise your investment one male and one female at a computer

Maximise your investment with eWorks

eWorks works closely with you to maximise your investment in education. We’re here to help you find the eLearning solutions that are perfect for your business. We’re talking smarter strategies and investments that'll drive better outcomes for your business, and better ROI for you.

We will evaluate your existing LMS platform, identify gaps & make recommendations to enhance it.

We will provide you with customised options to maximise your investment in education.

  • We create modern and flexible resources for all types of learners and situations. Whether your learners are on-site or remote, working in a group or independently, our resources are adaptable.
  • We bring your content to life. Our interactive solutions are engaging and make learning widely available.
  • We offer an end-to-end experience beginning with consulting and advice, all the way to developing exceptional digital resources.
  • Our Moodle™ platform offers integrated plugins and add-ons that can be customised to fit different educational requirements.
  • Our team of experts are continually exploring new technologies so that you stay at the forefront of online education.

We will collaborate with you and use various tools, platforms, frameworks and methodologies to deliver exceptional content. We will happily involve you in the learning design, multimedia and branding processes. We can also assist you with hosting the content in your or our LMS if required.

We create a product that is designed to connect with learners while achieving your organisation’s intended outcomes.

You don't need to have experience in online learning, we have the expertise to assist and guide you toward the best solution. We will create engaging content that your learners will enjoy.

Our content specialists are proficient in:

  • Learning design
  • Assessment design
  • A variety of development tools
  • Compliance to a range of standards
  • Accessibility to WCAG 2.1 AA
  • SCORM packaging
  • Device-agnostic design
  • CX interface design
  • Graphic and visual design
  • Video editing
  • Print document creation

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