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Fostering and developing our Partnerships and Memberships

eWorks partners with businesses and organisations nationally who align with our vision and values. We work and engage with our partners to create opportunities for their organisation and their members.

Kinaway logo
Kinaway Chamber of Commerce

Kinaway is focused on changing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s lives through a strength-based model of business ownership and participation in the Victorian economy. Kinaway Chamber of Commerce is an established charity with the purpose of advancing Victorian Aboriginal businesses to actively participate and excel in both national and international economies.

FCA logo
Franchise Council of Australia

Franchise Council of Australia is the peak body for the franchise business segment, employing 565,500 Australians across the nation. The FCA provides a platform for franchisors, franchisees, business advisors and small to medium businesses to influence government policy, communicate with political leaders and key decision makers, network with peers and engage in policy debates.

Af logo
Associations Forum

Established in 2004, Associations Forum is the leading organisation assisting associations and charities in governance, operations, membership and finances. As a commercial, member-based network, there are over 500 members across associations, charities, clubs, societies and other not-for-profit. As a leader, knowledge and best practice is shared through a range of educational events and services to help members boost performance. 

Aiia logo
Australian Information Industry Association

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem, representing Australian's innovation technology companies. As a not-for-profit organisation, the AIIA benefits their members by creating favourible business environment contributing to Australia's economic prosperity.