Our LMS and Bespoke
Content Development Capabilities

We are eWorks: a passionate team of education and technology experts committed to helping you deliver effective, engaging eLearning experiences.

Since 1998, we have provided customisable LMS solutions, consultancy, developed strategies and created educational content, tools and resources for governments, private educators and corporations globally.

As industry leaders in Australia, we know the National VET system inside out. We combine this depth of expertise with a passion for new ideas and technology, delivering customised eLearning experiences that respond to the unique needs of each client.

Services We Provide


Implementation of your online learning platform and support


Customised digital content design and development


Bespoke solutions that are specific to your organisation and learners


Ongoing support from our community of educators and learners through workshops, webinars and conferences

What Makes Us Different

We believe in the power of online education to inspire students and empower educators. Whether remote learning from home, in workplace teams, here in Australia or overseas — no matter where learners are in their learning journey — our team is excited to help bring your online learning to life. Close engagement with our clients is the key to both our and your success.

Our team includes experienced design and multimedia specialists, educational experts, project managers and technical consultants. Our enthusiastic team works together to deliver a complete product for your business and learners.

What We Do

We deliver engaging and reliable contemporary education technology solutions that provide outstanding learning experiences for our clients.

At eWorks, we strive to constantly create innovative solutions in the online learning space. And our experience and passion never fail to drive this forward.

  • We create modern and flexible resources for all types of learners and situations. Our resources are adapted to learner needs.
  • We bring your content to life. Providing an engaging experience for learners who are experiencing the world through digital platforms.
  • We make learning widely accessible. We provide for individual and group learning, whether it be on-site or remote.
  • Our solutions allow for valuable data insight and analysis. Educators can follow an individual’s progress and pinpoint where learners are struggling, then follow up on how to address any concerns.
  • We offer an end-to-end experience from consulting and advice to the development of digital resources. We endeavour to support your post-delivery requirements.
  • We will customise your platform to meet your needs. The Moodle™ platform offers integrated custom plugins and add-ons that can be altered to fit your requirements.
  • Our education experts continue to explore new technologies so that you stay at the forefront of online education

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