LMS & Bespoke Training Content Solutions in Healthcare __

The healthcare industry faces challenges and opportunities

The emergence of new diseases, rising health care costs, changing patient demographics and evolving consumer expectations are just some of the issues facing the industry today.

eWorks' solutions enable healthcare providers to continually strive to upgrade their skillsets, adapt to new technologies and learn and research new pathogens and ailments. Simultaneously, they must also focus on following pre-defined, organisation-specific standard operating procedures (SOP).

eLearning is an essential component of learning and development (L&D) to offer an economical and highly effective training platform to the healthcare sector.

Case Study
General Surgeons Australia

GSA (General Surgeons Australia) is a not-for-profit organisation with two main arms: A membership society for general surgeons in Australia and administration of the general surgery education and training program in Australia.

eWorks Industries General Surgeons Australia male and female surgeon reviewing scans

General Benefits of LMS in Healthcare

Implementing a healthcare LMS in doctors' offices, clinics, and other medical facilities can assist medical business owners to provide regular training courses to their workers.

The eLearning format enforces self-paced and on-demand learning. Online courses, video lessons, and social learning users allow users to experience an innovative and engaging learning environment.

Although eLearning cannot completely replace classroom-based instructor-led training (ILT) with its hands-on experiences, healthcare workers can still benefit immensely from the blended learning that a healthcare LMS software offers. Combining both eLearning and ILT offers flexibility, greater engagement and better results.

The holistic blend of training modalities boosts learner engagement, this includes videos, reference materials, assignments, assessments and ILT.

The device-agnostic feature of an LMS lends a consistent look to eLearning content across different devices including desktops, laptop, smartphones and tablets. This LMS feature leads to higher rates of course completion and employee engagement compared to other traditional methods.

Automates Compliance Management

Since the healthcare industry is a high-stake and highly regulated environment, it is imperative that regulations and standards are continually strengthened to minimise costly risks. With a healthcare LMS software, the industry gets a centralised, secure and stable system.

Simplifies SOP Training

Ongoing as well as continuous changes are a part of leading healthcare provider services where Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are inevitable.

A healthcare LMS can prove to be highly effective in facilitating the delivery of relevant training to staff. This not only keeps them up to date with the latest SOPs but also keeps negligence and malpractice in the workplace at bay.

eWorks will ensure that your organisation uses a suitable LMS proactively, so as to lay the foundation for a safe and highly productive workplace.

An LMS combined with bespoke content can greatly empower your mission of bringing the finest of healthcare educational products and services to society. This is a vital tool in driving employee engagement, competence and revenues - while adhering to a range of standards.

Benefits of Bespoke Content In Healthcare

Increase Engagement

Customised content increases engagement and productivity through interactive modules with highly specific learning outcomes relevant to the healthcare sector. Content can be delivered via different learning formats – whether that be text, audio, video, games, quizzes or more.

Personalise Learning Paths

The healthcare industry includes several departments covering a wide range of job roles, including doctors, pharmaceutical workers, researchers. Relevant and highly specific bespoke content can support these different roles and relevant learning goals, cutting down on training times and saving valuable resources.

Scalable Content

It is important that healthcare learning content is scalable and can adapt to the ever-increasing demands placed on the industry. With bespoke content solutions, content can easily be updated, and added or removed based on the organisation’s needs.

Own Your Learning Content

Custom content becomes a unique piece of intellectual property for your healthcare organisation. This means there is no monthly or annual licence fees to access learning materials. Owning your healthcare content also means you’ll have the right to sell the unique courses you create which can place you as a leader in the industry.

Want to introduce eLearning while improving your organisation’s learning technology?

Here at eWorks, we help organisations build successful Learning Management Systems and provide bespoke content services that enhance the overall experience.

With eWorks, you’ll be able to smoothly transition to online learning, enabling you to conduct smooth and hassle-free online classes.

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