eLearning solutions for the education sector__

The advancement of technology coupled with the evolving needs of students worldwide has resulted in the need for a more flexible learning style.

Businesses have adapted and the education sector now incorporates a hybrid style of teaching and learning. This is where the importance of having a stable and reliable Learning Management System comes into play.

Along with an LMS, engaging content in interactive courses is key to sparking motivation and success amongst learners and can create huge value for your educational institution.

Case Study
Age Concern

Age Concern Pty Ltd Australia was registered in 1986 and is one of Australia’s oldest private continuing professional development organisations. Its members include registered and enrolled nurses and other health workers caring for the elder.

eWorks client Age Concern with a group of people exercising

General Benefits of LMS in Education

Implementing LMS platforms for education has enhanced the learning experience by enabling hybrid learning.

Seamless Transitioning to Remote Learning

Using an LMS enables seamless learning, irrespective of learner location. Setting up digital spaces to deliver education acts as a safeguard, providing continuity to students and learners.

Multiple Resource Formats

With resources being sourced and distributed in diverse formats, educators can collate a greater range of content. Multiple formats allow students to learn in a way that best suits them.

Diverse Assessment Options

With an LMS, school assessments can be conducted online via multiple formats. With short quizzes, multiple-choice and standard questionnaire options, an LMS for online learning can deliver immediate feedback.

Feedback Transparency

Educators can easily share their feedback with students and learners via the class page of an LMS. All feedback documents are compiled in a consolidated manner so that students can easily access them and take necessary action.

Communication Options

Schools can set up various access points and groups, including class pages, home rooms, year levels or house page facilitating learning to the appropriate groups via the LMS.

Tracking Student Data

Student and learners' assessment and attendance data can be stored in the LMS and used to progress learning. LMS for schools also makes it easier to identify gifted learners and those needing support.

Benefits of Bespoke Content in Education

Streamline Educational Workflows

Customised content and reports can help learners excel in the online education space. Interactive modules can be created to cover specific subject matters, ensuring that learners can focus on relevant goals and improve productivity.

Personalised Learning Pathways

Bespoke content allows you to personalise your online training programs. Personalised learning pathways improve engagement and boost productivity while custom educational content can be made fun and relevant for learners.

Easily Update Course Content

Bespoke content allows you to easily update course content. Lectures and presentations can be easily updated to maintain relevancy and instructors can easily add or remove study material.

Own Your Content and Reduce Costs

Custom content becomes a unique piece of intellectual property for your organisation. This means there won’t be monthly or annual licence fees to pay for users to access learning materials.

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