LMS & Bespoke Content Solutions in Sports__

eLearning is becoming increasingly important in the sports industry

An LMS tailored specifically for sports organisations can improve the understanding and performance of coaches and athletes.

There are many ways sports organisations can use an LMS.

  • Help athletes, coaches and referees learn the rules of the game
  • Offer online coaching and fitness training
  • Drive collaboration and communication between athletes and coaches
  • Share knowledge
  • Encourage team building

An LMS can also be used for self-paced learning, offering the flexibility for those involved in sports industries (whether as athletes or management) to upskill.

Along with an LMS, engaging content in interactive courses is key to sparking motivation and success amongst coaches, athletes and administrators creating huge value for your organisation. This is where bespoke content can help leverage an advantage.

Bespoke content is created from scratch to meet your organisation’s specific needs. With bespoke eLearning content, you will be involved in content creation, including the design, development, and testing stages. The result?

Engaging courses with unique training pathways specific to your learners' needs.

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From online coaching to sports related education - a Learning Management System (LMS) can be highly beneficial for everyone involved in sport, including coaches, athletes and administrators.

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Benefits of Using LMS in Sports & Coaching Education


eLearning strongly encourages self-paced and on-demand learning. Online courses, video lessons, and social learning allow users to experience an innovative and engaging learning environment. For coaches, an LMS offers the flexibility to train and educate their athletes from a distance.

Increased Revenue

Organisations can increase their revenue by increasing the number of courses on offer while reducing the costs for participants to attend.


An eLearning certificate helps to motivate learners by acting as tangible proof that they have passed a course or training module.

Time Savings

Organisations can benefit from significant savings in administration time as the LMS automates a number of manual processes.

Improved Communication

Sports organisations can improve communication with students and learners using tools such as the Personalised Learning Designer.

Increased Engagement

Gamification features help to boost motivation and engagement.

The growth of online sports coaching & education is expected to continue.

Technological integration in sports coaching & sports education and increased demand for coaches will likely lead to Learning Management Systems becoming a core component of sports organisations in the future.

Benefits of Using Bespoke Content For Sports Organisations

Customised content increases user engagement resulting in effective training outcomes. Interactive modules can be created with specific learning outcomes relevant to individual needs. Content can be delivered via different learning formats – whether that be text, audio, video, games, quizzes and more.

Track User Progress

In the sports industry, it’s important to be able to track user progress. Coaches and athletes need to stay on top of current best practices, rule changes, compliance standards, leadership skills, and much more. With bespoke content you can identify skill gaps among users and easily identify where improvements to content may be needed.

Personalise Learning Paths

From athletes to coaches, volunteers, recruiters and administrators – there are many varied job roles across the sports sector. Bespoke content allows you to create personalised learning paths for different users, increasing engagement and efficiency in reaching your training goals.

Scalable Content

It is important that sports learning content is scalable and can adapt to the ever-increasing demands placed on the industry. With bespoke content solutions, content can easily be updated, and added or removed based on the organisation’s needs.

Own Your Learning Content

Custom content becomes a unique piece of intellectual property for your sports organisation. This means there won’t be monthly or annual licence fees to pay for users to access learning materials. Owning your content also means you’ll have the right to sell the unique courses and webinars you create which can place you as a leader in the industry.

Want to introduce eLearning while improving your organisation’s learning technology?

Here at eWorks, we help organisations build successful Learning Management Systems and provide bespoke content services that enhance the overall experience.

With eWorks, you’ll be able to smoothly transition to online learning, enabling you to conduct smooth and hassle-free online classes.