Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists

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RANZCO, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists, is a leading medical college offering a 5-year training program for aspiring eye surgeons. With a bi-national presence across Australia and New Zealand, RANZCO's training program integrates hospital-based learning with supplementary online education.


Outdated LMS Platform
Before partnering with eWorks, RANZCO faced challenges with outdated Moodle platforms, particularly around the structure and support needed for online learning and exams.

Limited Support
More support was required around the learning and teaching from an LMS provider.


There was a pressing need for a more robust learning management system (LMS).

RANZCO sought security and assurance in transitioning to a more dynamic LMS provider. The objective was to adopt an LMS with enhanced functionality for uploading assessments, tracking grades, and facilitating programmatic assessment, aligning with the evolving needs of medical education.

eWorks offered an LMS that enables RANZCO to provide an engaging online training program that is relevant and responsive to its needs.

Benefits of Implementing eWorks LMS

Since adopting the eWorks LMS, RANZCO has experienced numerous benefits, including:

Time Savings
eWorks has helped RANZCO save time and the exams and content can be delivered quickly.

Operational gaps have been significantly reduced, and the LMS platform now offers a more intuitive and visually appealing user experience. Other benefits include reliability, data collection and team confidence for a more effective exam delivery.

The enhanced functionality of the LMS allows staff to efficiently track grades, monitor activity logs, and ensure a seamless exam delivery process.

Why Choose eWorks?
Among several vendors, eWorks stood out for its preparation, professionalism, and responsiveness. RANZCO was impressed by the expertise and support offered by the eWorks team throughout the selection and implementation process.

Working with eWorks
RANZCO appreciates the positive service delivery and support provided by the eWorks team, both during implementation and post-implementation phases. The responsiveness, fluidity, and understanding of client concerns have made working with eWorks a rewarding experience.

The personalised approach and calm demeanour exhibited by the eWorks team have exceeded RANZCO's expectations. Their expertise and problem-solving skills, particularly in educational design and technical aspects, have been invaluable.

“eWorks has proven to be a positive provider and the team has been very responsive, adaptable and supportive through the implementation and post implementation of the moodle migration process. The eWorks team took time to understand our specific context and assisted us with improving our grade and course completion set ups. RANZCO staff gained more confidence with using the platform from an administration and management perspective. Overall, Chris and Eric from the eWorks team provided excellent design support and technical expertise.”