Australian Childhood Foundation

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The Australian Childhood Foundation is a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting children and young people heal from trauma. The Foundations Safeguarding Children Services works to prevent the abuse and exploitation of children and young people.

The purpose of Safeguarding Services is to support organisations across Australia to meet child safe standards, national standards and the Foundations licensing standards. Clients include schools, government, not for profit, disability services and community services organisations to ensure the implementation of safe standards and people on their sites are safe from abuse and harm.

The Foundation provides training and certification as part of their offering and has 5 safeguarding consultants in the business.


The task was to package and deliver a self-paced online training program for the Foundation's clients to support the accreditation and certification process. Each staff of its member organisations must complete the training and to ensure that organisations are working towards being child safe.

Relevant and Timely Information
Another challenge was the information provided to our clients needed to be relevant and accurate. For example, legislation needed to be updated frequently which can be a challenging task.


eWorks has created an LMS that enables the Foundation to offer an engaging online training program that is relevant and responsive to client needs. The Foundation's clients can complete all their training requirements online, ensuring that the necessary baseline knowledge is attained.

Benefits of Implementing LMS for the Australian Childhood Foundation

Mandatory Training
The online learning environment has allowed clients of the Foundation to gain mandatory foundational knowledge while also attaining new skills. The online platform has accelerated professional development.

Clients have remote access to the online training platform, allowing them to work from anywhere that has internet access. The information provided is relevant, personalised and engaging – allowing clients to make more efficient use of their resources.

Support Provided
Implementing an LMS with support from eWorks helps the Foundation to be responsive to their clients’ needs. As the chosen LMS provider, eWorks understands the needs of the Foundation and consistently responds to client feedback in a timely manner.

Further Learning Opportunities
The eWorks LMS has the capability to offer personalised learning experiences for the Foundations's clients. There are also options to embed the training platforms of the organisations that the Foundation work with.

Additional Revenue Stream
The online training program has enabled the Foundation to offer additional bespoke training programs that meet specific client organisational needs. The LMS also acts as an additional revenue builder for the Foundation.

“eWorks and the Foundation have a professional, friendly and easy relationship. Email communication is clear and when assistance is required, the eWorks team are fast to respond. They are able to decipher and understand the needs of the Foundation, which makes it a lot easier at our end. The eWorks LMS team understands the client perspective and they are able to guide and find the best solutions to resolve any issues. There are options to embed training platforms of the organisations we work with and eWorks provides support to the foundation’s clients through their own portal. We have since offered this option to two other clients. We are aware there are a lot more offerings at eWorks that we have yet to tap into. ”