Streamlining the Employee On-boarding Process with an LMS.

Onboarding new employees can be a demanding task. Every new employee needs to fully understand, not only their specific role, but the operations of the entire company and its processes, including an understanding of the company values, culture, co-workers, and health and safety protocols.

The traditional onboarding process can be challenging since many employees now work from distance, and the demand for remote onboarding is higher than ever.

A typical employee onboarding plan may include:

  • A basic employee induction - including an overview of the organisation, office management duties, security protocols, orientation of the office layout, how to use the parking lot, the kitchen, the electric equipment, etc.
  • Safety training (depending on the industry) – this could range from basic fire exit maps to more extensive units (if the company has production units). It could also include work insurance and liability services.
  • Expenses policy
  • Role-specific training
  • Company culture training

Implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) today can help streamline your employee onboarding process. An LMS can help overcome traditional onboarding challenges, from time management issues to managing change.

An LMS can also help you improve your onboarding results, encourage engagement, and reduce stress for the training team and new employees.

A robust LMS can be integral in managing, delivering, and measuring your entire employee onboarding process.

5 benefits of using an LMS for your Employee On-boarding Process

Cost & Time-Effective

Hosting online through an LMS allows you to save money on transport, materials, venues and instructors. Time is also saved by eliminating travel, removing the need to search for resources, and eliminating the need to hire venues and instructors.


A benefit of an LMS is that it is flexible and can adapt to your business goals. New employees can work at their own pace, which means more pressing tasks can be prioritised if needed. An LMS provides minimal disruption, which means greater productivity.

Track Progress

Monitor, track and report on the progress of new employees with a strong LMS. An LMS allows you to quickly identify if any new hire is falling behind during the onboarding process. This allows managers to step in and guide the new employee if needed. By tracking progress, managers can also evaluate new employees' skills.

Personalised Learning Pathways

An LMS is great for onboarding as it allows you to build customisable learning pathways. Once a new employee gets onboarded, you can assign them to a role that automatically places them on the correct learning pathway.


Resources and lessons remain consistent on an LMS and can be updated when needed. Repeatable processes allow you to scale easily, meaning it doesn’t matter whether you are onboarding 10, 100, or 1000 employees. An LMS can handle it.

With many businesses adopting a hybrid working setup, more and more employers are switching to a learning management system to implement employee on-boarding.

With the eWorks Open LMS we not only help you choose the features that will suit your onboarding program, but we will also assist you in putting together a digital onboarding strategy.

To find out more, contact eWorks today to streamline your onboarding process and let us help you get the most from your employees. If you have any questions about learning management systems and would like to explore how we can work together, get in touch with us today.