eLearning Certificates:
An Important LMS Feature

What is an eLearning Certificate?

eLearning certificates are an important LMS feature that drives course engagement and improves course completion rates.

An eLearning certificate helps to motivate learners by acting as tangible proof that they have passed a course or training module. eLearning certificates can also be used to verify and keep track of which employees have specific knowledge and skills.

With different data points to pull from, you can track your learner’s progress for any course – from the grade they earned and the date they completed it to the time it took and much more.

eLearning Certificates in an LMS

Choosing an LMS with certificate management functionality, like the eWorks LMS, allows certificates to be customised to align with your organisation’s brand or visual identity.

Administrators can create certificate templates by using the Certificate Manager. This allows for consistency across courses. Templates are user-friendly with drag and drop elements. These elements include a background image, a digital signature or a QR code for verification.

Downloadable certificates can then be awarded to students or employees who have passed a course.

Skills/Employee Certification Tracking

Tracking employees’ skill development and certifications helps streamline organisational processes. With the employee certification tracking feature available in LMS, completed and pending certifications are available via a single exportable spreadsheet.

How an LMS with a Certification Tool can Streamline Employee Training Programs

Employee training using an LMS generally follows these stages.

Course Creation

Courses are built from scratch, or pre-existing material is uploaded to the LMS.

Training Delivery

Courses are made available for learners.


Employees are assessed through quizzes and assignments at different course points. Submissions can be evaluated and graded.

Track Progress

An important function of an LMS is tracking and reporting. This allows institutions and organisations to generate real-time reports on course completion percentages and learner performance.

Rewarding employees is a critical yet often overlooked aspect of employee training programs.

An LMS with a certification tool allows course administrators to create and administer users for their efforts, boosting morale and driving motivation. If you are keen to explore the scope and possibilities of leveraging LMS for your organisation’s certification processes, eWorks can help!