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eWorks wins Diamond at 2023 LearnX Awards

eWorks LearnX Award Announcement

eWorks (Content Development team) WON two Diamond LearnX awards for;

The Best eLearning Project (Industry Specific)

Awarded for ‘industry-specific’ eLearning project that was implemented to drive and support talent development. The project involved the design and development of a learning ecosystem that would support business recovery for small medium enterprises within the travel and tourism sector.

This project was achieved through:

  1. Identification of the skills and knowledge required to respond to the needs of small and medium businesses in Tourism and Hospitality and integrate them into a cohesive skills and capability framework
  2. Mapping of the identified skills and knowledge to the Hospitality and Tourism Training Package to provide learners with a pathway to gain accredited recognition for their learning.
  3. Developing 50 stand-alone micro-learning online modules mapped to the learning outcomes identified in the skills and capability framework and integrate them into a learning ecosystem.

The Best Online Learning (Industry Specific)

Award was given for a learning project that used an exclusive online model to drive and support talent development. The project involved design and develop 50 micro-learning modules for small and medium businesses (SMEs) that would build resilience and develop industry knowledge and skills to support their recovery following the pandemic.

The micro-learning modules used a custom-made online learning model defined by five key components:

  1. Technology – Accessible modules delivering responsive design for any device on time and within budget, with Badges on completion
  2. Learning Design – using action-oriented learning design elements.
  3. Learning community – invitation for learners to Connect with a Facebook community to share learning and implementation experience.
  4. Flexible and adaptive learning – using feedback feature in multiple choice and multiple response blocks to show learners what happened as a result of their choice, as well as various workplace activities, such as action plans, checklists, templates or reflection exercises to support workplace practice, implementation and adjusting these to improve your results.
  5. Assessment - using multiple-choice questions to ensure efficiency in administering and consistently evaluation learners’ progress in real time, without involving human resources.

These were based on the Building the Capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Victoria’s Tourism Sector project.

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