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Elevating Education: Success Stories from eLearning Transformations

Elevating Education: Success Stories from eLearning Transformations

eLearning continues to be a fast-growing trend, with the global eLearning market projected to hit $336.98 billion by 2026. In a world where technology is rapidly changing, the need for professionals to upskill quickly has never been more needed, and eLearning is one solution more organisations are choosing.

Research shows that around 96 percent of students (especially children) find eLearning tools to be fun and helpful to learning a topic on their own. There are also the bonus environmental benefits as eLearning is said to cut more than 85 percent of carbon dioxide emissions.

eWorks has been a leader in the Australian eLearning industry since 1998, and we’ve seen huge transformations in the online learning space throughout that time. In this article we’ll explore the concept of eLearning and some of success stories we have been fortunate to be a part of.

Understanding eLearning

What is eLearning training? In challenging markets, organisations need to remain competitive and competent. eLearning training achieves this through digital and interactive learning—which is often targeted, focused, short-form learning.

This style of professional development or upskilling has been shown to have higher rates of learner engagement, resulting in better overall retention of the content. We explored this idea in our webinar Engaging Online Content for eLearning.

eLearning training leverages flexibility, accessibility, and personalised learning experiences to empower employees to upskill efficiently. It is an important feature not only in the employee onboarding experience, but the continual development of employees to create a more knowledgeable and competent workforce.

How eLearning boosted Tourism Training Australia

Tourism Training Australia partnered with eWorks to help their 1.4 million employees with training solutions. Due to business interruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic, there was little opportunity for people to upskill in the traditional face-to-face way.

eWorks designed and implemented short micro-credential programs that can be stacked together to achieve competency in a range of areas. This meant the content could be easily tailored to specifically upskill each individual in the skills they needed to achieve their professional outcomes.

“The level of responsiveness from eWorks has been a standout.,” says Tourism Training Australia Chair, John Hart OAM.

“The eWorks team really gets it and understands the needs of the operator.”

We were able to deliver a customised, high-quality content solution under tight deadlines that was easily scaled to reach almost 10 percent of the Australian workforce through Tourism Training Australia.

How eLearning helped future surgeons in Australia

Not-for-profit General Surgeons Australia was noticing high exam failure rates of their trainees. eWorks was tasked with the challenge of designing a solution to ensure the next generation of trainee surgeons were learning the key skills needed in their day-to-day practice.

The solution was the creation of a bespoke online learning assessment tool comprising of eight modules including assessments. This custom content solution ensured that trainees in their first two years were able to upskill in practical and day-to-day surgical aspects.

Our team also worked to simplify and reduce the administrative burden on GSA, through the creation of a data-rich Learning Management System that helps the team quickly and seamlessly extract learner reports. This incredible data helps the team empirically benchmark the success of the online learning assessment tool.

eLearning fosters education transformations

In both the cases of Tourism Training Australia and General Surgeons Australia, eLearning had a significant impact on learner outcomes. Both solutions were able to be deployed to learners across Australia, who could undertake the learning when it suited their schedule. In both case studies, learners had a knowledge gap that needed to be remedied, and eLearning modules were able to help bridge a skills gap.

eLearning is a transformative force in education through its impact on learner outcomes. Incorporating dynamic, interactive online learning modules; eLearning has the power to accommodate a range of learning styles whilst deepening the learner engagement and content retention.

The flexible delivery method of eLearning helps learners access and interact with the content at their own pace when it suits them. eLearning as a concept is breaking down traditional barriers to education that have previously been a challenge to an organisation’s professional development requirements.

As government, businesses and organisations continue to navigate the evolving landscape of ‘the future of work’, eLearning remains a powerful solution for positively improving your staff’s professional development.

Embracing eLearning for personal or organisational growth has the potential to lead to transformative outcomes that empower teams to thrive in an ever-changing world. Fostering a culture of lifelong learners in your organisation will ensure you reap the benefits of a highly-skilled workforce for years to come.

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