Why should eWorks build my LMS?__

No matter what online learning experience you’re looking to build, eWorks knows that time and technical knowledge and resources for doing so can be lean for some organisations.

So, as a supportive partner in LMS projects, eWorks has helped many educational institutions, commercial businesses and other organisations build perfectly tailored eLearning experiences, via a few key differences, when compared other LMS providers:

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Initial LMS Build Planning and Implementation

eWorks has chosen to underpin every solution we build with the renowned Moodle™ LMS SaaS platform. And while this platform can be directly utilised by some clients, many still find that the initial build requires a lot of resources – knowledge of Moodle’s plugin functionalities, technical knowledge, and critically, time.

This is where eWorks comes in – we combine our team’s expertise in several technical disciplines and deep sector knowledge to consult, plan and map out the build of your LMS. And with our Moodle partnership, we know which components to incorporate to accommodate specific eLearning journey needs.

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Moodle know-how

As an amazing out-of-the-box platform, Moodle provides almost endless possibilities for creating effective and engaging eLearning experiences.

But we know that not all our clients have full in-house expertise in knowing how to get the most out of Moodle, from knowing which plugins to incorporate for custom functionalities to maintaining the platform ongoing.

At eWorks, we do! Let eWorks take the steering wheel here – based on initial consultation and planning, eWorks knows exactly which Moodle levers to pull to build your LMS the way you need it.

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VET sector experience: for a better LMS

If you’re looking to build a custom LMS for education or training purposes, a good portion of eWorks’ team is comprised of several VET sector veterans, who understand the needs of TAFEs, universities and schools.

With this, the sole purpose of your platform build is informed by first-hand vocational and educational experience. This guidance has proven critical to the success of previous and current clients’ LMS builds.

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Ongoing LMS maintenance and training support

We partner with you – once your new learning experience is built, eWorks offers post-build support for maintenance, additional functionality, and integration with select platforms.

Let eWorks build your Moodle LMS experience

Interested in having eWorks by your side for an effective eLearning experience? Get in touch with us now.