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Sriram Krishnan

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Meet Sriram, the LMS Customer Support at eWorks. He is responsible for identifying and resolving technical issues that users encounter while using the LMS and providing training and support to new users of the LMS platform.

With over seven years of experience in the IT industry, Sriram has managed to reduce false alarms for all automated monitoring procedures and improved team efficiency by inventing and simplifying processes used daily. Sriram finds fulfilment in helping others, and with a natural affinity for problem-solving, he enjoys finding solutions to help customers.

Outside work, Sriram unleashes his creative side through DIY projects. He is a tech enthusiast,

always keeping his finger on the pulse of where the latest technology trends are heading.

Sriram holds a Bachelor of Engineering with a major Computer Science from Anna University in India and a Master of Business in ERP and Information Systems from Victoria University.

Hero image - Sriram Krishnan