Read Speaker

What is ReadSpeaker Text to Speech Plugin

ReadSpeaker is a text-to-speech tool that makes online learning accessible to all students and learners including those with physical and cognitive disabilities.

The expansion of the online learning environment has created a pressing demand to support a diverse range of learners through accessibility tools and resources. Learning impediments such as dyslexia, ADHD, visual impairments and learning in a second language are just some of the challenges that online education tools and applications need to solve.

ReadSpeaker Text-to-Speech Edtech tools and solutions seamlessly integrate into all leading Learning Management Systems (including eWorks LMS), eLearning environments and assessment platforms.

As a cloud-based solution, ReadSpeaker requires no installation and automatically converts updated course content, rendering it speech-enabled. ReadSpeaker TTS solutions provide learning opportunities to students through its read-aloud capabilities. This is complemented by an extensive set of speech-enhanced learning tools accessible directly within the eWorks LMS environment.

ReadSpeaker Plugin Features

  • Manage the User Settings to customise reading speed, highlighting colour and more.
  • The Text Mode feature displays the content in an easy-to-read format. You can also select your preferred font, size, and colours.
  • ReadSpeaker comes with an array of integrated reading and translation tools.
  • The Audio File feature allows you to download an mp3 audio file of the content for offline listening.
  • Thanks to the expandable player and toolbar, you can enjoy quick and easy access to all features.
  • ReadSpeaker is Cloud-Based, which means it can integrate into Open LMS without installation.
  • Customer-specific pronunciation dictionary.
  • Get access to online statistics with the ReadSpeaker Customer Portal, which contains detailed usage information, including which pages have been listened to and when.

ReadSpeaker Plugin Benefits

ReadSpeaker empowers learners and educators with its text-to-speech accessibility technology for education. To summarise, it ensures the following:

  • Student and Learner Engagement
  • Accessibility and Accommodations Compliance
  • Literacy Support
  • Improved Results

Here’s how the ReadSpeaker plugin facilitates the education sector:

  • K12: ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech EdTech tools help students in kindergarten, elementary or secondary education (K12). It plays a major role in assisting students to stay at a peer level and improve literacy skills, comprehension, motivation and self-esteem.
  • Higher Education: ReadSpeaker is instrumental in attracting and retaining students and driving engagement. Diverse learners can enjoy accessibility and digital inclusion in the form of an audio-enhanced learning experience.
  • Assessments: ReadSpeaker accommodates the requirements of test-takers, levelling the playing field. Students can make the most of the text-to-speech assistive technology to better understand and succeed in their evaluations.

With eWorks, you can make use of ReadSpeaker’s suite of audio-enhanced reading, writing, and learning tools. These tools help improve learning outcomes for all students while meeting accessibility requirements and the needs of a larger percentage of learners, including those who face learning barriers.

If you’d like further information or you’d like to request a demonstration of the ReadSpeaker plugin, get in touch with us here at eWorks LMS.