What is kaltura

Powering real-time and on-demand video experiences, kaltura transforms the online educational learning space where universities and organisations utilise kaltura to enhance the learning experience.

kaltura helps schools, enterprises, and media organisations leverage video for education, communication, collaboration and entertainment.

The kaltura video cloud platform is closely integrated with eWorks LMS, extending its video capabilities. The plugin includes a wide array of solutions for virtual classrooms, lecture captures, webinars/live events, and student outreach programs — enabling the creation of engaging, personalised and accessible video experiences for on-campus and beyond.

The kaltura’s LMS video platform offers off-the-shelf SaaS products.

Users can record, upload, manage and deliver engaging video content from any device. As a leader in the field of video analytics, the kaltura cloud platform also allows instructors powerful insights into data metrics, including what videos their students or employees are engaging with.

kaltura Plugin Features

A single platform purposefully built to facilitate real-time, live and VOD experiences, the kaltura Video Cloud Platform for Education has taken the world of online courses and virtual learning by storm.

  • Virtual Classroom: kaltura for LMS offers branded persistent rooms equipped with advanced moderation control. This includes the likes of a digital whiteboard, screen sharing, content management playlists, breakout rooms, interactive live quizzing and HD video sharing.
  • Purpose-Built for Learning: kaltura covers a broad spectrum of possibilities, from online programs, remote learning, and live events to student outreach.
  • Lean Forward Video Experiences: The platform is further complemented by a suite of tools that can be used to create, embed and share immersive and personalised video experiences.
  • Advanced Learning Analytics: kaltura enables you to delve deep into learner behaviour thanks to granular analytics on viewership with user-level heatmaps, insights on engagement, comparative analysis, and support for xAPI and Caliper Analytics.
  • Accessible by Design: kaltura products comply with 508, CVAA, and WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards with transcription, translation, audio descriptions, automatic chaptering, and other such workflows/tools.
  • Integrated with Your LMS/VLE: kaltura integrates with major Learning Management Systems/Video Learning Environments (Moodle, Canvas, D2L, Blackboard, Sakai).
  • Open, Flexible, Customisable: kaltura cloud solution for LMS offers customization and flexibility with its open APIs-based architecture. kaltura is a field leader when it comes to supporting and driving market-wide adoption of Open Standards, including Open Capture and Learning Analytics (LTI 1.3, LTI Advantage, xAPI, Caliper).

    kaltura Plugin Benefits

    • Upload, Edit and Organise Video Resources: Your students and learners can upload to kaltura - a simple process that also optimises data storage. kaltura allows lecturers, educators and course creators to manage their video content and metadata. Upload video files from personal device folders, internal libraries, or YouTube. Set lecture recordings to be automatically uploaded. There are built-in editing tools enabling you to trim and create clips and thumbnails from your video instantly.
    • Share and Gain Knowledge: kaltura enables users to instantly access on-demand content and live broadcasts right from your LMS/VLE. Engage with your learners through kaltura’s virtual classroom. Use interactive tools like digital whiteboard, screen sharing, live quizzes and more.
    • Meet your students wherever they are: kaltura’s advanced viewer analytics and extensive dashboards allow insight into user engagement with videos and the type of device being used. This can lead to an improved understanding of learner behaviour and needs.
    • Boost Engagement: Interactive tools such as video quizzes, hotspots, and interactive learning paths help to facilitate engagement and learning. Create interactive video assignments and presentations with synchronised slides. Video quizzes can integrate directly into the grade book.
    • Accessibility : kaltura video platform for eWorks LMS promises enhanced search and discoverability through files and in-video metadata. This includes automated captioning flows for content accessibility, search, and discoverability. kaltura also strives to fulfil accessibility guidelines such as 508, CVAA and WCAG 2.1 AA.
    • Security: Controls and access to virtual classrooms and live broadcasts in addition to securing media files using LMS/VLE permissions and entitlements.

      eWorks and kaltura

      eWorks seamlessly integrates with the kaltura platform, allowing you to tap into the potential of live and on-demand video solutions that are transforming the online education world.

      If you’d like further information or you’d like to request a demonstration of the kaltura plugin, get in touch with us here at eWorks LMS.