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What Is IntelliBoard?

Intelliboard is a powerful educational tool that allows you to transform your students and learners' results and data into valuable, actionable insights.

Thanks to IntelliBoard’s reporting and analytics platform, the plugin enables institutions to analyse and track the success of their courses in real time, allowing them to make necessary changes that drive results.

eWorks LMS seamlessly integrates with the Intelliboard plugin. As a certified IntelliBoard partner, eWorks offers its users enhanced analytics and reporting functionalities. A major goal of eWorks is to have all reports and analyses on a single dashboard using IntelliBoard.

As a comprehensive reporting and analytics platform, IntelliBoard assimilates statistical data from the LMS and creates visual representations in the form of printable charts, graphs, and analytics.

Integration with Intelliboard allows institutions to deliver a more engaging and effective learning experience.

IntelliBoard Plugin Features

  • Track and Improve Learner Engagement: The IntelliBoard dashboard showcases reports, analytics and notifications that allow users to track learner engagement and identify any shortcomings that affect learning.
  • Identify At-Risk Learners: The IntelliBoard application collates data from several focus points to assimilate where learners are facing challenges. With Intelliboard, you can identify high-achieving, at-risk and under-engaged learners.
  • Compare & Analyse: Compare analytics surrounding course performance concerning both learners & instructors. Comparing data allows you to replicate successful course and learning methods and outcomes.
  • Schedule Reports: Schedule reports and even create event notifications based on pre-defined triggers.
  • Data Security: Data visualisations are entirely safe as they are generated from a secure backup without putting your LMS data at stake.
  • Interventions: Learner behaviour patterns are easier to identify with Intelliboard, making it easier to enact the appropriate interventions to impact learning success.
  • Empower Learners: Intelliboard allows learners to access a personalised dashboard that displays their grades and activity within the LMS.
  • Create Better Assessments: Intelliboard provides data and insights into course assessments, including learner quiz activity and grades etc. This enables institutions and instructors to create better assessment processes that demonstrate learner mastery.
  • Track Instructor Engagement: Instructor engagement can also be tracked using Intelliboard. Through reports and analytics, engagement information could be used to identify those teaching methodologies that work best.

IntelliBoard Plugin Benefits

Here’s how you can achieve your education and training goals with IntelliBoard:

  • Making Well-Informed Decisions: IntelliBoard helps you understand exactly what’s happening with your LMS. From identifying issues that lead to under-performance to replicating trends among high-achievers - Intelliboard is a tool that empowers you to make an impact on learning.
  • Engage Your Learners: A key IntelliBoard benefit is that it helps keep tabs on the engagement levels of your learners. This enables you to identify which areas of your course content need improvement.
  • Measure Your Success: Intelliboard pulls specific data points, displaying them in clear visual reports that make it easy to identify trends and patterns among learners, instructors and course content. As a result, Intelliboard equips you with the knowledge to enact change for success.

The IntelliBoard Plugin in Action with eWorks LMS

Through eWorks, learners can be granted access to Intelliboard’s Learner Dashboard. Students and learners can view a personalised display that shows information on their courses, including their current enrollment, completed courses, course grades, scale values and more.

Educators and instructors can also be granted access to Intelliboard’s Instructor Dashboard. On the dashboard educators and instructors can view information on their courses, including their current courses, course activities, learner grades, engagement and more.

Administrators manages the access for educators and learners, and oversee the access of reports. Intelliboard also allows administrators to schedule reports during off-peak times, minimising disturbances in site performance. Reports are available in several formats, including PDF, CSV, Excel and more.

For more information or to get a demonstration of the IntelliBoard plugin in action with the eWorks LMS, get in touch.