Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally

What Is Blackboard Ally?

The Blackboard Ally plugin helps institutions acquire detailed insight into the accessibility of their content and helps to enhance the usability of course documents by students and learners.

The main purpose of Ally is to evaluate course documents that are uploaded to eWorks LMS, identify any accessibility issues, and, if required, guide the instructor through a series of steps to improve the accessibility of the document.

With its key pillars being inclusivity, sustainability and automation, Blackboard Ally strives to expand access to education and online learning. Designed for online courses, Blackboard Ally is a revolutionary product that integrates seamlessly into the learning management system.

Features of Blackboard Ally Plugin

  • Enhances Access to Alternative Formats: Blackboard Ally uses advanced Machine Learning algorithms to generate a vast range of alternative accessible formats. These include Semantic HTML, audio, ePub and electronic braille. These formats are then made available to all enrolled students.
  • Instructor Feedback: The Blackboard Ally plugin makes life easier for instructors by providing feedback regarding the accessibility of their course materials. The step-by-step instructions provided by Ally help enhance instructors’ understanding of accessibility problems and therefore mitigate future issues.
  • Institutional Reporting: Blackboard Ally conveniently provides an institution-wide course content accessibility report. This report allows insight into the accessibility performance of your entire institution and provides an understanding on how your institutions is progressing.

Benefits of Blackboard Ally Plugin

  • Improves the User Experience: The Blackboard Ally plugin establishes a more inclusive learning environment and improves the student and learner experience. Blackboard Ally allows students to acquire greater control over their learning by prioritising usability, accessibility and quality of course content.
      • Personalised Learning Experience: Blackboard Ally offers a more personalised learning experience by allowing choice and flexibility. Students and learners can access and utilise course content from their preferred devices and download digital document formats that best suit their needs.
      • Prioritise Resources: The Blackboard Ally plugin automatically detects common accessibility issues and provides institution-wide reporting on the accessibility of course content. This is highly beneficial as it enhances the ability to utilise resources efficiently.

      This award-winning and seamlessly integrated accessibility tool has helped take inclusive learning to a whole new level.

      If you’d like further information or you’d like to request a demonstration of the Blackboard Ally plugin, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at eWorks LMS.