Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

eWorks RACS Case Study 3 Surgeons in Operating Theatre


The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), formed in 1927, is a non-profit organisation that trains surgeons and maintains surgical standards in Australia and New Zealand. Their overall mission is to uphold surgical standards for surgery in ANZ.

Their eLearning users consist of:

  • Trainees (people who have been accepted into a training program wanting to become surgeons)
  • Prevocational doctors (JDocs) who are interested in becoming surgeons but are not currently on a training program
  • Surgeons who need to keep up to date with professional standards
  • SIMGs (Specialist International Medical Graduates) from overseas who are wishing to practice in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.


Complicated Legacy LMS
Before engaging with eWorks, RACS had a legacy learning management system that wasn’t user-friendly. The platform was complicated and hard to manage.

Slow Turnaround Time
The external support was slow and not always easy to implement.

Vendor Relationship
RACS had engaged several vendors in the past. However, they found their relationships with these organisations were very transactional & restricted only to contractual terms.


The eWorks eLearning solution instantly expanded RACS's training opportunities. eWorks helped them clarify and simplify what they were trying to achieve by boiling everything down to the essential parts and ensuring that no important component was overlooked.

As RACS’s core demographic / users are very time-poor, eWorks needed to make sure that whatever solution was provided was succinct with all the quality training that was required.

Benefits of Developing Bespoke Content for RACS

Better Knowledge Testing
The eWorks content allows RACS to cover a greater depth of the curriculum. As a result, RACS can ensure that their trainees are better prepared for the real world and allow surgeons to maintain their professional standards.

Time Savings
eWorks has helped RACS save time more than anything else. Training programs can be delivered quickly & projects have been delivered in very short timeframes.

Cost Savings
The bespoke content eliminated the need to organise special training events as learners had easy access to bespoke training materials at any time and from anywhere. It also reduced costs by not having to send out facilitators to do face-to-face training, especially during COVID-19.

SCORM Packages
RACS have used eWorks to develop content and push them as SCORM packages.

“It takes time to build a relationship, and in the time that I’ve worked with eWorks, everyone that I’ve worked with has been focused on maintaining the relationship, rather than it being transactional.”