Tourism Training Australia

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Established in 1982, Tourism Training Australia (TTA) works with stakeholders in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Covering 1.4 million employees, TTA provides high quality education and training solutions for approximately 10% of the Australian workforce.

TTA are experts in the field of content and training initiatives and provide solutions to close gaps in the market.


Constrained Labour Market & Time Constraints
Here at TTA, we initially faced an industry that was constrained with the labour market. Those working across different levels had little time to upskill, especially due to the disruption caused by COVID restrictions. There were skills gaps within the industry which needed a training solution.

We needed to develop short, focused courses that would allow users to upskill from wherever they were located.


eWorks helped TTA identify skill gaps and developed portability and recognition of skills to upskill via short and sharp microcredential programs. These microcredential programs are used, platforming it as a business solution rather than a program or course. They are also stacked together to meet units of competency.

The product is pitched to businesses as a solution to solve their problems. TTA provides the bespoke content resources specially developed for the travel, tourism & hospitality industry to help learners progress on learning pathways.

Additional Challenges Along The Way
Every project comes with its unique set of challenges.

We encountered cultural sensitivity issues with our content with respect to our First Nations people. We underwent a consultation process and worked as a team to understand and contextualise these issues.

The feedback we have since received from our stakeholder groups has been positive.

Benefits of Developing Bespoke Content for Tourism Training Australia

Customised Content for the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Industry
TTA has worked with eWorks to create a bespoke content for the tourism, travel and hospitality industries that has benefitted businesses across the sector.

Flexible Pathways
Bespoke content courses are designed to be flexible and accessible. This is important as a large percentage the workforce may be located across different locations and may work various shifts.

With tailor-made content, users can learn in their own time, in their ideal learning environments.

Reduced Skill Gaps
Together, we have successfully reduced skill gaps in key areas across tourism, travel and hospitality training pathways. This is a significant improvement since the COVID restrictions. We now have a solid platform to rebuild our workforce.

Expertise in Recruitment
TTA now has the content that is needed to build expertise in recruitment and retention. This makes the industry more able to build workforce capability.

Why Tourism Training Australia Partnered with eWorks

We looked at multiple providers and followed a process to find the ideal partner to work with. The pitch from eWorks was competitive and efficient and they had the capability to meet our tight deadlines. eWorks provided us with confidence in their expertise, ability and remained engaged with us throughout the entire process. The result was high-quality content that was delivered in full, and on-time.

“The level of responsiveness from eWorks has been a standout. When we encounter an issue, or there is something to be addressed – it is actioned incredibly quickly. eWorks gets on with business and are efficient with good insights. The level of understanding to get to the centre piece of the industry issue has been amazing. The eWorks team really gets it and understands the needs of the operator. ”