Community Media Training Organisation

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Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) is the peak training organisation for community media. The CMTO works with staff and volunteers of media and training organisations around Australia and the world.


Prior to the pandemic, our training was delivered face to face.

Reliance on External Partners
We had to rely on Australia Post to deliver training materials and Officeworks for the training supplies.

Once the training was completed, we had to factor in additional operational time as we had to receive the physical work back from our clients.

Scheduling and Coordination
As we have many volunteers, one of our main challenges is scheduling training times. Many of our volunteers have day jobs and so coordinating everyone’s availability is challenging. To accommodate everyone, our training programs are often delivered on weeknights or weekends.


Evolving eLearning technology has allowed us to transition away from face-to-face learning to a more effective method of online delivery. While the adoption of online learning has accelerated, it still provides a challenge with 53% of our training currently delivered online using LMS.

We previously used the LMS primarily as a repository for assessment tasks alongside booklets for students.

The pandemic accelerated online learning and now students can complete courses themselves.

Online learning has enabled us to open new learning pathways. SCORM packages have allowed us to deliver engaging, interactive courses alongside assessments and self-paced courses without reliance on instructors.

eLearning has enabled us to develop new skills and skillsets that were not previously delivered in our face-to-face learning environment. The benefit of this is that we have created new learning outcomes that our students are finding very enjoyable.

We have also created a new income stream for the business by monetising our new online learning offerings.

Benefits of Implementing LMS for CMTO

Learning New
The online learning environment has allowed our trainers to gain new skills and has accelerated their professional development.

Our trainers have also become more productive and provided us with feedback that training through LMS has been more efficient and streamlined.

“The eWorks LMS team are very responsive, and we now know the team members by name. There is a familiarity when we lodge tickets due to their small team. We have been able to build a strong working relationship with eWorks. eWorks has always delivered on expectations due to the responsiveness of the team. We usually receive a response to a ticket on the same business day, if not, within a few hours. There is always consistency within the LMS team and CMTO are always receiving the same level of service which is great. eWorks have the products and capabilities to support the delivery of the LMS and provide after-sales assistance with a helpful support desk. The extra add-ons offer additional advantages, such as the webinars which CMTO regularly attends. The LMS team are good at communicating upcoming webinars and relevant technology updates. Working with the eWorks LMS team has been excellent.”