User Tours

Presented by Greg Bird
on 28 August 2019

Have you noticed informative popups on your Moodle™ page? User Tours! User Tours are an excellent way to provide step-by-step guides to various features of Moodle™. These interactive tours guide the user through Moodle, highlighting key features of the screen.

They can be designed to match your needs and you can provide different support to different users (students, teachers, etc). Better still, there are dozens of user contributed tours, that can be easily downloaded and then edited to meet your needs.

This webinar will cover:

  • An introduction to user tours
  • Downloading and importing user tours
  • Editing these tours to meet your needs
  • Planning your own tours
About Greg Bird
Greg Bird is an e-learning consultant and MoodleTM specialist with expertise in e-learning strategy, implementation, production and support.