Moodle™ Themes: An introduction to Classic

Presented by Greg Bird
on 23 October 2019

Your Moodle™ theme is more than just simple branding - it is critical to the user experience. It controls how users navigate, how content is displayed and how well it works for users on mobile devices.

In this webinar, we will show you three modern themes (Snap, Boost and Classic ) and how these change the user experience.

We will show you how you can test these themes on your current courses, and some simple customisations for a look and feel to suit your branding. We will direct you to where you can go for theming support.

This session is especially important to sites still using older themes, such as Clean and More. Clean and More themes are no longer supported and may not work with future versions of Moodle™.

About Greg Bird
Greg Bird is an e-learning consultant and MoodleTM specialist with expertise in e-learning strategy, implementation, production and support.