Mastering the Moodle™ Quiz - Part 3

Presented by Kathryn Logan
on 14 October 2020

This is the third of three webinars and should be of interest to a wide audience – teachers and those who create Moodle™ courses.

Watch 'Mastering the Moodle™ Quiz - Part 1'
Watch 'Mastering the Moodle™ Quiz - Part 2'

Kath has had 10 years in the VET sector, teaching in the classroom and online.
Her last teaching gig was the TAE upgrade which led her down the path of assessment writing which was never planned. Kath fell into Moodle™ development about 7 years ago and ended up as Moodle™ administrator at Chisholm for 4 years. She now works for herself as a Moodle™ developer and assessment writer for various organisations.