Can I improve my Moodle™ Gradebook?

Presented by Greg Bird
on 14 April 2021

The second of three webinars about getting the most out of Moodle™ Gradebook.

What features of Moodle’s gradebook do you use?

  • How can I use the Groups filter?
  • Can I change how grades display?
  • Should I organise my gradebook?
  • Can I group columns - formative, summative, etc?
  • How do I hide columns? and why would I?
  • Can I recover results of un-enrolled students?
  • How do I add a non-Moodle™ grade into the grade book?

All of these questions answered, and more! Make your gradebook sensational!

Watch Part 1
Watch Part 3
About Greg Bird
Greg Bird is an e-learning consultant and MoodleTM specialist with expertise in e-learning strategy, implementation, production and support.