Ally – make your course more accessible

Presented by Jake Webb
on 11 August 2021

Blackboard Ally is an amazing tool for improving the accessibility of your online courses!

Learners can access documents in a way that suits them – and Ally provides the alternative options for you – audio, HTML, electronic braille, BeeLine reader, translated version and ePub!

Teachers easily see how to improve the learner experience – with clear guidance.

Managers see overall reports, enabling strategies for demonstratable continuing improvement.

Do you have Ally? If you have an eWorks Open LMS site – you have Ally! Other platforms may also have it.

Join Jake to find out how to build a more inclusive learning environment!

About Jake Webb

Jake has over 10 years’ experience in learning technology – as a learner, teacher and admin. With qualifications in both IT and education – a degree in Network Communications Management, and a Master’s in Instructional Design & Technology - he has a unique perspective on education technology and adoption.

Jake is an expert in the field of accessibility, and passionate about how it can improve, retention and adoption of technology – for every student.