H5P: Adding interactivity to your learning design

Presented by Greg Bird
on 22 July 2020

Ever find yourself wondering ‘Well this content is boring... I wonder what I can do to spice it up?’. If so, H5P to the rescue.

H5P is a stunning suite of interactive learning activities, presentation tools and games. They are fun, easy to create and use, and work on all devices. Better yet, they are soon to become core to Moodle, allowing you to quickly build H5P into any element of your design.

In this webinar we will explore a range go H5P activity types using real examples. We explore why and how they are built, plus look at the student experience. We will also forecast how future versions of Moodle™ will integrate H5P seamlessly into course design.

About Greg Bird
Greg Bird is an e-learning consultant and MoodleTM specialist with expertise in e-learning strategy, implementation, production and support.