Maximise your investments in education

eWorks' consultancy services help organisations to maximise their investments in education. Read on to discover some of the areas we can consult with you on.

Online education techniques and skills

eWorks' team members have comprehensive experience in planning, designing, developing and supporting online learning, both within the vocational education and training (VET) sector and private industry. We have the solution for your e-learning needs.

Technical standards and innovation

The eWorks team research and explore areas of technology that have the potential to bring significant benefit to the VET sector. eWorks managed the New Generation Technologies project. This work was funded by the Australian Government through the National VET E-learning Strategy and overseen by the E-standards Expert Group. Deliverables included the provision of guidance materials and tools to support the uptake of these emerging technologies and the annual review and publication of the E-standards for Training.

Learning management, design and development

Whether you're updating existing content, looking for an out-of-the-box solution or starting from scratch, eWorks offers impartial advice and assistance.

If you already have a learning management system, we can ensure that you develop content appropriate to it. If not, we can help you consider the alternatives and offer you a complete solution in the form of Open LMS.

The solution provided by eWorks is well-thought-through, a time saver, and opens a whole new world of content access for rapid deployment.

Pauline Farrell, Box Hill Institute