What is Watermark?

Previously known as EvaluationKIT, Watermark Course Evaluation and Surveys is a course evaluation platform that allows administrators and instructors to capture student and learner feedback.

Watermark is an award-winning evaluation solution that has been designed specifically for higher education and allows for the monitoring and improvement of course quality.

Students and learners can log in to their courses and complete customised surveys on the courses they are enrolled in, answering questions on course design and instruction quality. The software then translates students’ and learners’ responses into actionable insights that facilitate improved learning outcomes.

Watermark seamlessly and securely integrates into your LMS for an improved experience. With 98 percent of clients renewing their contracts, it is clear that Watermark is a leading course evaluation solution.

Features of Watermark Plugin

Watermark’s course evaluation software translates responses to critical questions into actionable insights that improve teaching and learning outcomes and the overall user experience. Check out what you can expect from the EvaluationKit software and its student information systems:

  • Response rates are boosted, thanks to deep LMS integration capabilities and language compatibility. It also helps leverage the most current course, enrollment, and instructor data directly from your SIS or LMS.
  • You can promptly switch to action mode, equipped with swift, tailored implementation. It also ensures smooth management of your course evaluation process without IT intervention.
  • Tools like graphical data and pre-built evaluation reports make it convenient to review and act on results continuously. This is further complemented by powerful reporting on response rates and results.
  • Instructors, educators, teaching assistants, and administrators can enjoy automated distribution of intuitively-presented results that allow them to analyse trends over time.

Driving Response Rates

A higher survey response rate leads to more reliable results and drives more meaningful insights. With Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys, students and learners can respond via smartphone or directly through the LMS.

Course evaluations and surveys can be authored and presented in multiple languages, paving the way for deeper engagement with your entire audience. Responses flow directly into the solution, making trends and analysis instantly available for review.

Benefits of Watermark Plugin

Here’s how Course Evaluations and Surveys can benefit your faculty:

  • Makes it easy to organise and analyse data through evaluation reports.
  • Automates the process of communicating to instructors and students regarding the sharing of feedback for specific courses.
  • Educators can access the response rate of the class and evaluate their processes accordingly.
  • View response feedback online from multiple devices.

How Course Evaluations and Surveys can benefit students and learners:

  • Ensures anonymity allowing students to feel comfortable and provide constructive feedback to those in charge of giving grades.
  • Instructors can only see responses (not individual names) after the final grades are reported.
  • It offers a way to constructively establish the quality of the university and future courses that students can engage in.
  • All individual course evaluations can be accessed by students online.

Watermark is equipped with features designed to simplify processes for teaching departments, administrators, and students. In addition, it seamlessly integrates with eWorks LMS to drive and manage survey responses.

If you’d like further information or want to request a demonstration of the Watermark plugin, don't hesitate to get in touch with us here at eWorks LMS.