Ouriginal - Urkund


What is Ouriginal

Urkund now known as Ouriginal is an anti-plagiarism tool that ensures educational integrity across learning institutions. In 2021, Ouriginal joined Turnitin to strengthen their shared mission of upholding academic honesty.

Ouriginal has over 30 years of experience in text-matching and providing plagiarism prevention solutions for academic institutions, secondary schools and corporations worldwide.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is when someone else’s work or ideas are taken and claimed as another’s work. More commonly known as cheating or copying, plagiarism is considered a violation of ethics and may result in disciplinary action from an institution.


As a world-leading plagiarism checker, Ouriginal is a fully-automatic system that can instantly check one document against a database of sources. Ouriginal provides a similarity report that allows teachers and educators to identify if parts have been plagiarised.

Using advanced text-matching algorithms, Ouriginal identifies different combinations and patterns to spot duplication content in an assignment. Ouriginal LMS plugin also helps identify the digital sources used without proper citation. Ouriginal was created from the combination of several anti-plagiarism platforms that shared a mission to ensure the needs of universities were met, and that students completed their work with honesty and integrity.

It boasts an automatic text recognition system and provides seamless integration with popular learning management systems. The Ouriginal LMS plugin integrates seamlessly with eWorks LMS and supports Moodle, Blackboard and more.

Ouriginal Plugin Benefits

  • Simple to Use - The Ouriginal LMS plugin is adaptable to leading learning management systems such as eWorks LMS, Moodle™, Blackboard, D2L/Brightspace, Canvas, Microsoft and Google Classroom.
  • Efficient and Accurate - Ouriginal delivers quick and accurate analysis reports.
  • Highly Accessible and Reliable - With multiple servers at different sites, Ouriginal ensures that the system can continue functioning as normal if a site were to go down.
  • Data Security - You remain in full control of your data once you install the plugin. It also complies with the principles of GDPR and CCPA.
  • Customer Support - Behind Ouriginal is a dedicated team of technical specialists supporting you and your institution or corporation.
  • Safeguards and Promotes Academic Integrity - Having an accurate and efficient plagiarism prevention system reflects that you take academic integrity seriously.
  • Access to the Plagiarism Prevention Pool (PPP) - Ouriginal LMS plugin offers access to the PPP. This exclusive joint archive enables cross-checking new submissions with documents already submitted by other clients.

How Ouriginal Works

  • Submission: As soon as a document is uploaded, the software starts processing its content.
  • Retrieval of Relevant Sources: Ouriginal Plagiarism Checker starts looking for similarities from three major sources. It checks within archives, academic materials and documents that students have previously submitted. The results saved as a report.
  • Analysis Powered by Machine Learning: If a document shows similarities, the software uses an advanced algorithm to record the degree of detected matches and identifies the synonyms and paraphrases used as substitutions.
  • Report Generation and Delivery: The Ouriginal Plagiarism Software generates an intuitive report and delivers it to the user via the same learning platform, web box or individual email ID.

Ouriginal Plugin Features

  • Advanced API: Ouriginal Plagiarism Software features an advanced API tool that can be integrated with almost all LMS and VLE platforms.
  • Advanced Reports: Content-based plagiarism reports offered by the software helps get a detailed view of each finding. The matched contents are displayed as highlighted texts, enabling the writers to drill into the sources and find areas for improvement.
  • URSA Minor: URSA Minor is an intuitive administrative module of the Ouriginal Plagiarism Solution.

With eWorks, you can integrate the Ouriginal plagiarism checker plugin with eWorks LMS using LTI. Ensure the integrity of your student’s work by making the most of sophisticated plagiarism reports, including statistics and comparisons, besides inline markup in assignments.

If you’d like further information, or you’d like to request a demonstration of the Ouriginal plugin, get in touch with us here at eWorks LMS.