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What is SMOWL Proctoring Software

SMOWL eProctoring is an automatic proctoring software that effectively provides online monitoring to ensure authentication and academic integrity. Designed for universities and other academic institutions, SMOWL eliminates the need for face-to-face attendance, enhancing the accessibility of learning environments.

SMOWL Proctoring System offers various features, including Automated Proctoring, Automatic Grading, Test Scheduling and Candidate Management.

By utilising artificial intelligence, this reliable, user-friendly, and secure proctoring software helps prevent online fraud and unethical behaviour by verifying the identity of online users through facial recognition technology, voice recognition and keystroke biometrics.

Easy to implement, colleges can install the SMOWL plugin to their API, which is supported by the most popular LMS platforms (Edx, Blackboard Learn & eWorks LMS, Moodle™, Canvas and MiriadaX). No installation is required for users, and we guarantee users’ privacy as the system does not store or associate personal information with images.

Here’s how the SMOWL plugin promises to boost the learning experience:

  • Enhanced quality and integrity for students and learners by eliminating face-to-face attendance, thus offering quality and transparency during exams.
  • Overcome the barriers of space and time in the university or training school.
  • 100% safe investment in digital transformation, with reliable support.
  • Application of artificial intelligence and human supervision for evaluation leads to higher prestige and academic integrity.
  • Permanently preserves the privacy of the examinee by respecting the GDPR.
  • The SMOWL software monitors multiple images to ensure integrity and associates an encrypted identification number with each user.

SMOWL Plugin Features

  • Equipped with image capture.
  • Safely complies with privacy protocols and the GDPR.
  • Offers customisable filters and detailed reports.
  • Cost–savings through minimal travel, infrastructure and documentation.
  • Reduced internet consumption due to the use of facial image recognition over video.

SMOWL Plugin Benefits

  • SMOWL integration can be completed in a maximum of two days through a simple interface.
  • Identifies the user and verifies their identity every time.
  • Legality issues and compliance concerning regulations during the test are taken care of.
  • It delivers a report covering all the supervised elements at the end.
  • Increases the demand for a course by allowing 100% distance learning.

If you plan to get SMOWL integration for your LMS, eWorks can help.

We’ll help you get the most out of SMOWL software. This plugin is ideal for eLearning environments and will help improve the quality of your online evaluations and maintain the integrity of the process while safeguarding user privacy.