Tibco Jaspersoft 002

What is Jaspersoft?

TIBCO Jaspersoft studio allows users to design, embed, and manage reports & analytics with programmatic control.

Considered to be the most flexible, customisable and developer-friendly Business Intelligence (BI) platform in the world, Jaspersoft provides your business and customers with answers.

Jaspersoft Reporting Software for Education allows educators, students and learners to make data-driven decisions that positively influence student success.

Jaspersoft Capabilities

Featuring a pixel-perfect reporting feature, Jaspersoft enables users to quickly identify the status of students and distribute information to students and learners to monitor performance.

Reports and visualisations can be embedded straight into the app, thanks to Jaspersoft’s award-winning JavaScript API.

The multi-tenant support feature of Jaspersoft LMS integration allows you to set access and sharing rules to ensure the security and privacy of students and learners' data.

Jaspersoft also caters to non-technical users thanks to the drag-and-drop report designer feature. This simple tool allows teachers and learning administrators to create their own LMS reports, visualisations, and dashboards from education data.

Benefits of Jaspersoft Plugin as a Reporting Software Plugin for Education

  • Data Storytelling: Jaspersoft LMS integration is equipped with a thoughtful report design using visuals that tell a story. This helps users understand their learning progress and quickly identify areas for improvement. The embedded reporting feature LMS minimises complexities, allowing non-technical users to quickly understand valuable insights.
  • Fast Report Delivery: The Jaspersoft plugin facilitates the quick production of reports and also deploys new and updated reports to customers. Educators no longer need programming requirements such as coding to make modifications, including the adjustment of design elements or reporting formats.
  • Powerful Insights for Everyone: With the help of the Jaspersoft reporting plugin for LMS, non-technical users, like educators, can make data-driven decisions. Insights can be embedded directly into applications where educators are already engaging daily.
  • Engaging, Data-rich Education Apps: Jaspersoft reports builder LMS makes it possible to design practical applications that offer at-a-glance insights. Embedding reports and visualisations seamlessly into your application’s user interface boosts usability and engagement.

What You Can Do With TIBCO Jaspersoft Reporting Software Integration

  • Create report layouts containing charts, sub-reports, crosstabs and more with the Pixel Perfect Report Designer.
  • Jaspersoft's Java-based reporting library compiles and renders pixel-perfect documents using data from any data source.
  • Sort, filter and format column values & headers against your report snapshot review with Jaspersoft's browser-based report viewer.
  • Jaspersoft's reporting plugin for LMS lets you store user profiles, reports, dashboards, analytic views with its centralised server repository.
  • Jaspersoft's advanced scheduler helps you monitor and manage the running and distribution of reports.

eWorks helps you reap the maximum benefits of TIBCO Jaspersoft by offering timely, actionable data for online learning. With Jasper reports, you can gain insight into online learning from multiple data sources.

If you’d like further information or you’d like to request a demonstration of the Jaspersoft plugin, get in touch with us.